Joshua Balcaceres

Lead 3D Artist Los Angeles, CA

Hello, my name is Joshua Balcaceres. I am a Lead Artist in the Game Industry, proud father, and loving husband.

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Hello and thank you for viewing my portfolio.

I am a Lead/Senior Artist in the game industry for close to 15 years - I am also a Game Design Faculty at the Art Institute of Los Angeles.

I specialize in Gen4, Asset Creation, Training, Pipeline Optimization, PIX Capturing, Advanced Shaders, Texturing, High-Poly Modeling, Zbrush, NDO, DDO, Unreal Engine 4, and Next-Gen techniques (PS4, PC, Xbox One).

I am a devoted husband, and father to 2 lovely Boys. Family is very important to me.
My true passion has always been Games since I was 6 years old – on my black and white TV – in my native El Salvador, playing NES in between Power-Outtages.

I am proud of, and yet humble about my work, I am an avid team player, and I am not afraid to ask questions or admit, I don’t know everything, simply because I love learning new things.

I don’t wanna know everything, what’s satisfying to me, is finding the answer together, and growing together.

Thank you for visiting my website, please do not hesitate to ask or inquire further questions.

For Inquiries - please reach me at: